True Self-Knowledge, which is “to know our own reality”, is the foundation for solving all our problems, within ourselves or our company.




Two central aspects of Invok’s work focused on companies are self-knowledge and ethics. Lack of self understanding makes all of the following hard to achieve: high performance, leadership, teamwork, respecting processes, adhering to the firm's purpose, being competent, meeting deadlines, and many other internal and external objectives. Self-knowledge includes knowing our best aspects, our strengths, as well as all the other aspects which block us from taking action aligned with our best aspects.

This complex world of ours teems with everyday challenges. Ethics, the correct and competent way of acting with positive intention, action, and consequence, are central if we want to live and work well together.

This vision has enabled Invok to develop objective and innovative tools, including games, maps and other formats that help people and companies to directly address real problems and practical challenges.




High Performance Game (Game and Workshop)




In the corporate world, these two facts are well-known:

1) A company’s performance results emerges from from the quality of the joint efforts of all collaborators.

2) Every company seeks high performance.

But what is high performance and how do you obtain it? What limits an employee from acting this way? And what can be done to go beyond those limits?

The High Performance Game was created to answer those questions within the specific context of each organization, as a playful, customized, innovative and practical tool. It works like this:

1) The first step is to conduct a diagnosis to understand the company’s situation

2) Then, an appropriate central question is chosen based on what the organization is going through. It can be about how to increase revenues, engage people more efficiently, or any other pressing relevant issue.

3) This issue will be directly addressed with the help of the game and its components.

The game suits divergent contexts and can also be of service to specific projects. A plan of action is developed through the game, within 4 to 8 hours of its use. Besides helping to find concrete solutions to the firm’s needs, the game also brings improved perception of the current reality, encouraging self-responsibility and honesty from each player, which smoothes relations (leadership and teamwork). It is designed to improve performance and commitment while being a playful and unforgettable moment.

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Ethics has a simple saying: We reap what we sow. It can take a while sometimes. But sometimes, it’s faster than we can imagine.

- Invok -



The 3R Map (Really Real Reality)




The 3R Map (Really Real Reality) is an innovative, practical and powerful tool to diagnose and develop solutions for problems that are totally or partially hidden within the company, with direct impact on performance, quality, processes, commitment, strategic alignment, relations and ethics. The Map focuses on highlighting and transforming “negative root causes”, often bringing little known or undiscussed aspects that drain energy and resources, causing lots of performance issues. Generally, they manifest as inconsistencies. That being said, the 3R Map methodology has 3 stages:

1st Stage – Inconsistency Hunter:

The Inconsistency Hunter focuses on surfacing the inconsistencies that reside in the organization and among employees, on both general and specific levels. The scope is defined beforehand by the company's leaders based on the understanding, necessities and concerns of the firm. Nonetheless, there is always space available for further investigation and clarification of unexpected findings.

2nd Stage – Task Force:

At the conclusion of the first stage and with the inconsistency findings in hand, a specific Task Force will be assembled. It is created with the intention to conduct further analysis and define action steps in order to transform the inconsistencies found inside the organization.

3rd Stage – The Problem is Mine:

As the inconsistencies can also emerge from individual choices and attitudes, Invok’s methodology focuses on both collective and individual accountability. This stage supports the implementation of the action plan as well as the reduction of the inconsistencies (known and unknown) among the people of the organization.



Purpose and Ethics




One of the primary contributors to employee behavior, high performance and company results is the clarity and engagement with the overall intention. Purpose, that is, has a direct relation to high quality engagement of employee skills and talents. It is able to give greater meaning to the existence of a firm and it is also one of the fundamental factors for people’s unity. Purpose is often already there but people lack awareness of it and belief in it. The company therefore lacks the realization of the positive impact it brings in itself and for everyone connected to it (inside and outside the company). Reframing in terms of purpose is key.

In Invok’s Methodology, purpose comes alongside ethics, as it is purpose that strengthens the ethical stance of the human being. Together, the practice of purpose becomes ethics in motion, where the organization, through its people, does what is good for itself and for anybody else it touches. Aside from bringing mission, vision, values and behaviors to the table, our methodology also prioritizes aspects like integrity, harmony, self-responsibility, focus, and commitment.

Come align yourself with your purpose and with ethics. They offer strength and support to your company’s results.



Practical Ethics Programs



Ethics has become an overused word. Its meaning is often distorted nowdays. In reality, ethics means to look more closely into our actions, the consequences we generate (for others and ourselves), and our real intentions regarding acting in favor of the well-being of everyone. A practical and focused approach can directly impact trust, perception, and the actions of a company's members. It can also improve relations, in teamwork, leadership, and group strength (commitment and empowerment), reputation and financial results.

Invok’s Practical Ethics Programs work mainly with values and competencies (like attitude) inside the firm, with the aim of bringing consciousness to negative attitudes (anti-ethics such as badmouthing, lack of commitment, processes, deadlines; bad service, conflicts in work relations etc.). Through increased awareness, the intention is to turn these into positive attitudes through internal choice, instead of external control (punishment and increase of surveillance).

These programs serve the needs of a company that has one or more of the following objectives:

1) To have more employee adherence to the code of conduct and ethics;

2) to solve specific behavior issues of individuals and groups;

3) to boost commitment and engagement within teams (leadership, motivation and teamwork) by building trust;

4) to improve engagement and buy-in from employees on aspects like sustainability, social responsibility and volunteering (which are branches of ethics); and

5) to be a pleasant place to work, that values and believes in honest and ethical actions, and wants to prosper in every possible manner, bringing joy to the workplace as well as concrete results.

The Practical Ethics Programs offered by Invok are in practical terms delivered as courses, workshops and living experiences regarding ethics; case studies identification and deconstruction of beliefs; exclusive games; development/intensification of the code of ethics; support to the ethics committee; dramatic plays; trips; and other tools that strongly encourage participation and reflection from employees. All practical content and discourse is adapted and customized to the profile of different groups inside the company, making use of tools that link cognitive and emotional thinking.

While our work is applicable across industries, we have a unique approach to companies in the field of healthcare, such as hospitals, drug industry, clinical laboratories, clinics etc.



Alive Lectures



Alive Lectures are short discourses (from 30 minutes to 2 hours of duration), given by Eduardo Farah. They are designed to be efficient tools for sparking initial awareness or as part of a process of opening the mind to new concepts and ideas. In addition to being inspiring and motivational, they unite personal and professional aspects and come with concepts of honesty, integrity and self-responsibility. Throughout his life, Eduardo has lived both traditionally and non-traditionally. This combination allows his lectures to reach divergent audiences, and explore real and transformative experiences, inside and outside the workplace.

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Invok’s Trainings



Invok’s Trainings cover several themes, always aiming to develop competencies that include knowledge, skills and attitude. We believe and focus on real human development, based on human values and key competences like honesty, integrity, self-responsibility, emotional intelligence, trust etc.

Themes are adapted to each audience (industry, leaders, team etc.) following the methodology that includes group mapping beforehand for understanding and aligning activities and speeches. The methodology also makes use of tools that puts cognitive and emotional thinking together, generating more effective results for people and teams.

The process is both innovative and convenient, in order for results to be effectively realized. We use known formats as well as innovative ones, depending on each situation. Formats include workshops, lectures, games, simulations, hands-on, field job, visits, trips etc. The trainings can address a specific need or function as part of a structured program. As necessary, we make use of web tools to support or in order to reach people in different places and regions.

We develop our customized trainings alongside our client, thus generating empathy and commitment.

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