Relationships are everything to our life and to companies. The more aligned and true, the better the results it brings to all of us.

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In a convoluted world, we give a lot of attention to the companies relations, be clients or collaborators, market or stakeholders. We believe that positive relations may be the biggest challenge of them all. Leadership, teamwork, sales, attendance, integration, commitment, engagement, cooperation and unity are the outcomes of the everyday relationship. That’s why it is one of Invok’s points of work, as it is also supported by Mindfulness, Self-Knowledge and Ethics.

Trust is the basis of any relationship. It’s what generates results on short, medium and long terms on any company. We support the idea that you can’t trust others if you can’t trust yourself. This goes for person and company altogether.







Positive Relations Programs

Invok’s Positive Relations Programs are the study and implementation of several actions in order to create, maintain, modify and/or amplify relations at the company. This means increasing quality of relationship between company and its employees, brand and consumers, company and trades (or stakeholders). Every single Positive Relations Program we develop seeks to build and feed a trustful relationship between the parts (company, team, clients, trades, partners etc.). We follow three premises: competence, transparency and positive intention. We prioritize each public’s knowledge, its necessities, realities, perceptions and key points, as well as communication and an efficient value delivery. We provide several formats to build and execute actions that can effectively contribute to an increase in relations quality and engagement onto certain kinds of publics.

Relations are important to your company? What are your main challenges?

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Positive Relation Programs on Health


Relations between employees and companies assume a higher grade of complexity when we talk about the health sector. Aspects like commercial interests, ethics, laws, rules, risks can have great impact on the lives of people/patients. Although there are initiatives that may offer parameters to scale these relations, like codes of conduct, bioethics, compliance – It’s still a sensitive area and negative examples of conduct (by professionals and companies) exist, as well as an intense overall distrust. Invok works on specific programs that are meant to focus on true, trustful relations, with ethics, aimed for the well-being of everyone involved. That is our real intention and our root to achieve our programs goals. With a vast experience on projects like this (more than 24 years of experience), Invok has already developed programs for several companies like Merck Sharp Dohme, Bristol Meyer Squibb, Eurofarma, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Torrent etc. with excellent results. Contact us and see how we make it different.








Leadership is one of the main aspects of any company. The key to solid results is to form an inspiring, motivated, committed, responsible, conscious and competent leadership. Putting it briefly, a good leadership is about: 1) Having proper competence (knowledge, skill, attitude); 2) Knowing yourself; 3) Knowing and listening to his employees and their realities; 4) Being connected with themselves and with positivity; 5) being connected with the purpose and the needs of the company, employees, stakeholders and others; and 6) Acting according to previous ideals and creativity, integrity and self-responsibility.

A Positive Leadership must always focus on enhancing unity and teamwork. It can help build and manage strong and lasting connections, with concrete and inspiring examples, as it also enables systemic thinking. A deep change on what’s basic or logic when we talk about decision making is required when developing leadership. We talk about strengthening listening skills as well as perceiving the different kinds of stakeholders, thus feeling their needs and considering them onto the decision process. All of this is possible thanks to presence and attention, something we call Mindful Leadership.

The first step is to know your company’s reality, needs and objectives. That way we will be able to effectively help with the best suited format (workshops, trips, experiences, case studies, game, challenges etc.) and duration. Come and be a leader with us!





Evolutional Self-Leadership



Evolutional Self-Leadership is an intensive empirical workshop based on understanding leading, choosing and positive acting based skills. We go beyond unconscious fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. That is the origin of success, performance and collective and individual fulfilment. The good leadership requires the existence of self-leadership.

Our training is like a boat trip that, through techniques and specific tools, allows for a deep observation about questions like: Where am I? What do I need now? Where do I want to go? Why? Is this viable? What can I do with this? What stops me? What I don’t know? What’s true and what’s fantasy? It’s a deep dive within ourselves and how we operate by practical and existential means.





Mindful Leadership



This one is a specific program directed to developing Mindfulness towards leadership. A Mindful Leader will be present, focused, concentrated and won’t get lost in judging people, negative feelings and fears (whether theirs or from others). At the same time, they will have clarity of reality and connection with themselves and others. That enables the Mindful Leader to act accordingly to what’s best, correctly speaking their mind when it’s necessary.

See more at Mindful Leadership





Motivational Team Building




Invok works on several activities and programs focused on building and motivating teams, promoting integration, collaboration and union. The motivational work tends to always happen in a surrounding and energizing way, aiming to strengthen competences of the team. Firstly, there’s an initial diagnosis alongside the team’s responsible(s) that helps us understand the company’s reality and it will orientate the work. From over dozens of dynamics and using a methodology we call “edutainment” (education with entertainment), we created many activities that get the participants together on a positive and inspiring way. We intend to motivate and engage each one on the company to give their best – that is, choosing constructive behaviours from their purpose and potential. We unite cognitive with emotional thinking, on different activities, in order to touch each one’s heart and mind. The programs have distinct contents and durations (like immersion of 1 to 3 days) depending on the objectives of the company and characteristics of the group. Come work with us!





Transformational Team Building

Although the general company mindset is that teamwork is important, lots of collaborators still aren’t willing to give up on their ordinary thoughts in order to enhance the team’s performance. Our experience shows that a part of us “believes in teamwork” but on the other hand, in an unconscious part, we don’t want that union. And it’s still hard to recognize the existence of this other part. Symptoms of this reality are blaming and accusation games, fear, gossips, victimization, disharmony, inner disputes, among other things.

A precise team diagnosis and focus on honesty, integrity and self-responsibility are the basis of our work. Contact us.



Integrame Program




Integrame is one of Invok’s games that is a customized, involving, motivational and integrational experience. It makes the integration of the employees of the company easier and faster. It also objectively enables the employees on diminishing the fear of error. The game can be played individually or collectively, face to face or remotely. It’s a board game that has levels, allowing each player to have an individual path to integrate with the company, its processes, politics, activities, internal processes and, of course, its people. We also have supporting materials (like emails, certificates, reminders) that can assist the whole process, as well as mile stones that generates tiny prizes if completed, thus motivating them.







Management on Health



Invok has a strong specialization on the health sector, in which its professionals have been acting for more than 24 years, helping and capacitating professionals (doctors, dentists, psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, teams) and collaborators from distinct kinds of health companies like pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, clinics, entities, product manufacturers etc.

Our work also makes use of important concepts on marketing, communication, attendance, sales, people management, teamwork, leadership, processes, financial organization, purpose, strategic leading, Mindfulness, High Performance etc.

Invok has sold over 18,000 books on marketing and management on health. We utilize all that knowledge to support our programs and services.

Invok understands that high performance on management must be taken in a systemic way and depends on 3 central points: 1) Competence (knowledge, skills and attitude); 2) Purpose (mental peace, relations and meaning); and 3) Health (care, good habits and nourishment). These are what we call the “High Performance Triangle”.

Based on these 3 points, Invok has developed the “Excellent Doctor” program that seeks to develop medics, dentists, clinics and health professionals, enabling them to offer an excellence and high performance service in an integrated, effective and humane way.

Ask us how we could help on health management.