Management for Health Professionals


Invok has a strong specialization in the health sector, in which its professionals have more than 24 years experience. Our work has helped increase the management capacity of thousands of health professionals (like medics, dentists, psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, teams etc.) and other collaborators from various healthcare companies, like pharmaceuticals, hospitals, clinics, medical products suppliers, etc.

Our work includes important understandings and concepts, impacting a wide range of endeavors including: marketing, communication, attendance, sales, people management, teamwork, leadership, processes, financial organization, purpose, strategic leading, Mindfulness, High Performance etc.

Invok has sold over 18,000 books on marketing and management in healthcare. We use that knowledge to support all of our healthcare-specific programs and services.

Invok’s perspective is that high performance in management must be addressed in a systemic way and depends on 3 central points: 1) Competence (knowledge, skills and attitude); 2) Purpose (mental peace, relationships, and meaning); and 3) Health (care, good habits, and nourishment). These are what we call the “High Performance Triangle”.

Based on these 3 points, Invok has developed the “Excellent Doctor” program that seeks to develop medics, dentists, clinics and health professionals. It enables them to offer excellent, high-performance service in an integrated, effective, and humane way.

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