The Follow The Master Game is a unique tool already used by thousands of people to develop self-knowledge in a playful way.

The game consists of cards, dice, a board, a book (with questions and explanatory texts related to each space on the board and card) and other elements. Everything is designed to help players make contact with and question issues that block them from fully acting in their professional and personal life.

Purpose of life, love, relations, professional perspectives, existential questionings are some of the themes that can be observed or awakened, depending on the individual motivation of the player. This makes insights arrive more easily, bringing consciousness to possible actions.

The Game makes use of the synchronicity principle to determine themes and aspects for each player to work on. The objective underlying the game is that each player has the opportunity to learn about themselves, and what allows them to occupy their place in the world. Its name references the Inner Master, that is, our essence.

Come play and learn to use this tool with Invok!