Within our vision and methodology of work, we always encourage each one to know more deeply himself. This is why we offer some open questionnaires, which allow, from their answers, a reflection and a basic self-diagnosis in 5 different themes:


2.Self knowledge;


4.Relationship; and


These questionnaires are accessed for free, without the need for a password, only with the provision of some basic registration information. Try it!

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a refund, with your result. Your answers are individually confidential and are only considered in our general tabulation. We suggest that you be very honest with yourself and read each question and answer option calmly and carefully. Remember to respond based on what is real and not what you would like it to be (in an idealized self), to avoid unnecessary self-deception. It is important to point out that these questionnaires seek to simplify the factors of each theme, focusing on only a few items, so that the tool is short and attractive, in view of its purpose of arousing interest and initial reflection. The goal is for you to broaden your focus, attention, and insight into some of the factors that directly influence your bottom line, achievement, and high performance. The deepening of these questions is done in Invok's products and services. And thanks for taking part in our surveys!