As already described, Invok's work methodology has as its first step the understanding of the reality of the company or group that will be worked on. Thus, we elaborated a questionnaire directed to the reality of each company or group, whose completion is done online and is accessed from a specific password.

The vast majority of research is done with total confidentiality, to make it easier for people to be more sincere and objective, where only the consolidation of respondents' responses is shown to the company or those responsible for the group, without identifying who said what. Other surveys identify respondents. In these cases, this information is widely disseminated to the respondent prior to completing the survey.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. To access the questionnaire simply enter the specific password provided. It is important not to provide this information to any other person, as well as not fill in the questionnaire more than once.


And thanks for your answers to the survey!