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Invok is named after the word “invoke”, which has as one of its meanings “to call for help, especially from a superior source of strength.” We believe this strength is also within each individual and must be consciously invoked to realize our potential as individuals and organizations. This is the work and purpose of Invok.

Invok is a company engaged in consulting projects and training for companies, organizations and professionals. All products and services of Invok are based on three pillars, which interact and complement each other: Mindfulness, Self-awareness / Ethics & Relationship.

Understanding the "Why", "How", and "What" of Invok offers a further introduction to our work:

Why (the reason) - Helping people become more aware and present to activate their full potential and be happy and prosperous, individually and collectively.

How (our way) - Connecting people and organizations to their purpose, presence and reality, as well as strengths and limitations. In this way we facilitate the search for fulfillment and happiness at work and outside of it.

What (innovative consulting and training products and services offered) - games, workshops, relationship programs, leadership, teamwork, high performance, management, project support, purpose, self-leadership, ethics, self-awareness, mindfulness and human development.

Invok's history dates back to 1993, when Eduardo Farah, one of the founding partners of invok, created Quest Consulting and Training, which specialized in management and development in health care. In 2002 Eduardo came together with 2 friends to form a new company with broader expertise, Chama Azul (blue flame). Chama Azul later evolved into Clarear Propósito e Pessoas (Clarity Purpose and People), with expertise in consulting, training management, and human development in all sectors of the economy.

In 2015, we decided to change our name to Invok People & Purpose, to reflect an increased range of new products and services that can be applied anywhere in the world (through our network of partnerships).

Although primarily focused on organizations, in terms of service and purpose, Invok also offers services to professionals.

Our manifesto clarifies our values and beliefs about what is possible for the human being at work….


Our Manifesto


Mission, Values and Spheres


Our Mission and reason for being:

The Invok is a consultancy company dedicated to helping people and organizations to connect with their purposes and to seek its implementation, results and high performance through programs and activities of mindfulness, self-knowledge, ethics and relationship.


We take our values seriously:


























Spheres (or dimensions) of our work:


About Us


Invok works focused on perception, intention, action, and the consequences of our actions in three areas: personal sphere, where one focuses on the relationship with himself/herself; interpersonal sphere, where one focuses on the relationship with the other (consumer, colleague, boss, subordinate, supplier, friend, etc.); systems sphere, where one focuses on the relationship with whole (market, community, society, etc.).

Expertise in Health

Invok has strong management experience in the healthcare industry. Our founder alone has worked for more than 24 years in this industry, with hundreds of consulting projects, research and training for all types of companies in the sector such as the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, clinics, manufacturers of medical and dental products, HMO’s, associations etc.

We understand the industry and its players.


Invok’s Consultants act in a multi-disciplinary manner. We are psychologists, administrators, communicators, former executives, lawyers, doctors, dentists etc. And there are six characteristics that define our team and guide us:


1. Clarity of purpose and engagement;

2. Understanding of Human Psyche;

3. Cultivation of Trust and Values;

4. Competence in Business and Human Development;

5. Inner Work of Mindfulness and Self-awareness;

6. Innovation and Spontaneity in Practice.


Invok offers training to its partners globally in order to assist them to replicate our methodologies.


Eduardo Farah



Eduardo Farah is an executive-partner of Invok and team coordinator, acting for over 25 years as a management, relationship, and human development consultant. He is known for innovative approaches. He is also, since 2001, a professor at FGV (one of the most highly-regarded business schools in Brazil).

He holds an Master and PhD in Business Administration from EAESP / FGV (with his thesis on Ethics); a law degree from University of São Paulo; a specialization at ESADE in Barcelona, Spain; and various courses at the University of California, Riverside, USA. He is a scholar and author of games which help people and businesses develop self-awareness.

He is also a long-time practitioner and instructor of mindfulness and meditation techniques (since 1995), with 14 trips to India.


Invok's clients are of different industries and sizes:

O que é



Invok was created in order to serve the people and organizations anywhere in the world, because we understand that our pillars (Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, Ethics and Positive Relationship) are for everyone and everywhere. And for this to be possible, Invok values and develops partners able to disseminate, organize, replicate and / or complement their methodologies in different cities and countries. Thus, we are interested in finding people who share our vision, mission and values and who want to be our partners.

We see four possible types of partner relationships, which can be cumulative:

• Disseminator and/or event organizer with Invok content;

• Disseminator and/or event organizer that has the Invok content and other people and companies, provided they are synergistic and aligned;

• Facilitator of Invok’s products by completing certain requirements and beeing trained to implement them with companies and people;

• Product Provider, with a complementary service to the Invok.


If you are interested in becoming a partner, write to Eduardo by email edu@invok.com.br. And welcome to Invok!






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